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Normanton Smoothliner 3 Flush Door System.

  • Smooth, flat surfaces providing uninterrupted area for signwriting, logo’s and decals as well as for ease of cleaning

  • ENXL Load Restraint Certification up to 32 Tonne payload available, (please ask for details)

  • ENXL Load Restraint Certification up to 30 Tonne payload available on Recessed Pan Handle Flush Doors (please ask for details)

  • 34 Euro-pallet loading capacity on 13.7m trailers

  • Significant operational and aesthetic advantages over traditional door panels

  • Lightweight panel options available – significant weight saving offering greater payload capacity

  • Fully fabricated ready to hang for ease of fitting by the body builder. Detailed fitting instructions and drawings available

  • Single or double locking rods

  • Conventional or recessed handles

  • Fully enclosed giving reduced susceptibility to corrosion

  • Pre-painted to specification and/or fitted with anodised aluminium extrusions

  • Hinge mountings to suit the customer’s specific engineering and aesthetic requirements

  • Bi-folding Triple/Quarter/Multi-leaf options for side door and/or restricted working space applications

  • Extra-wide panel options ideal for removal van side door applications

Visit our Downloads page to download our Flush Door Specification / Order form.

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