SIPS – Structural Insulated Panels

The Modern Method of Construction.

It is estimated some 50,000 buildings are constructed annually in America using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), whilst in the UK the figure remains a tiny fraction of this.

With the ever tightening Building Regulation requirements for improved U values and air tightness, SIPs are increasingly being specified as a means for achieving this and the requisite Sustainable Development Codes.

Providing a more economic and energy efficient means of construction, SIPs can overcome many of the obstacles faced with more traditional onsite building methods. Sustainable and cost-effective, reducing the requirement for onsite labour.

SIPs Build Example

As a primary UK manufacturer for over 40 years, we can produce and supply SIPs from a range of suitable material combinations, most commonly EPS or PU foam insulating cores with OSB3 faces, though if required with additional finish facings to specification. Plywood, cement board, pre-coated aluminium, steel or other metal and plastic based decorative facing laminates are just some options we provide.

SIPs can be supplied rebated and cut to size. Depending on the exact specification, CNC machined door and window apertures to your specification may also be available – further helping to improve the efficiency of installation on site.

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