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Made to order, tailored to your specification. The possibilities are endless.

Our renowned bespoke manufacturing service offers made-to-order panel constructions, giving our customers the required properties for a huge range of applications. We have an impressive list of current and past clients in a wide range of industries, who we have supplied panel products to. At Normanton we believe in working with our customers to produce the most suitable product specifications for the required application.

Looking for a quotation? You can fill in our handy online Bespoke Product Enquiry Form – this includes most of the questions our team will ask you to ensure we are providing a quotation for a suitable product, and will help to speed up the process. Or alternatively you can email our sales team via or telephone +44 (0)1759 322160.

Metal Faced Plywoods

  • Core substrates include Hardwood Far Eastern / Birch plywood, MDF, OSB and various other particle boards.
  • Facings include aluminium (anodised, pre-painted, powder coated, mill finish and primed options) and/or pre-painted/ galvanised steel. Stainless steel (brushed/polished), lead and copper.
  • Core and facing thicknesses available in a wide range to cover almost any application from high security wall panelling to low cost screening.

Lightweight Lining, Honeycomb & Sandwich Panels

  • 3 element composite with lightweight rigid foam or honeycomb core and range of facing options
  • 5-element construction comprises same lightweight inner core but with addition of two rigidising impact protection layers plus required external facings
  • Combines rigidity, robustness and reduced weight
  • Range of weights, thicknesses, facings and specifications.

Insulated Refrigeration Panels

  • Extruded closed cell polystyrene or PU foam core
  • GRP, pre-painted, foodsafe galvanised steel or aluminium facings
  • Range of core and facing thicknesses to achieve required insulation properties, panel strength and impact resistance
  • Inbuilt plates/blocks for fastener/anchor points available to customer specification

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

  • 3 or 5-element construction with PU, EPS, XPS or other fire retardant foam cores
  • Insulation thickness and U-value to customer specification
  • Rebated, splined or other jointing systems available to order
  • Thick plywood or OSB outers for very high structural strength
  • Further elements or facings can be included to add strength, vapour barrier or surface finishing layer

Slip Resistant Flooring

  • Range of slip resistant treadplates and Rigidised Metals in both low and high pattern depths and base thicknesses including 5 Bar, 2 Bar, Barley Seed/Rice Grain, Triple Grip and Cricket Weave. Aluminium, Galvanised Steel or Stainless Steel ranges all available.
  • Smooth or slip resistant Mesh patterned phenolic faced plywood for lighter duty applications. Various mesh film weights and plywood substrate thicknesses
  • NEW slip resistant “Powerdeck Grip” range with high grip polyurethane coating, available to order with bespoke film weight, finished texture and even colour and on a wide range of substrate types and thicknesses to customer specification.

Specialised Finishes – Machining/Fabrication

  • Almost all panels can be provided in fully painted finishes available from stock colours or matched to your own specification
  • Aluminium and galvanised steel coil coated in external polyester, foodsafe or plastisol standard colours or pre-primed
  • Powder coated option for smaller quantities gives much greater range of stock colour availabilities and full colour matching facility

Designer Panels

  • Panels to meet a huge variety of aesthetic and functional requirements
  • Applications in industry, interior and architectural design, construction, entertainment, concert staging, exhibition contracting and many many more
  • Please contact our sales team with your specific design requirements

Telephone: 01759 322160