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Normanton Dry Freight Wide Slat Shutter.

The Normanton Dry Freight Plywood Shutter, produced in our UK Commercial Vehicle Door Products division. This high quality, optimum value dry freight shutter encapsulates all the important features required for today’s varied and demanding commercial vehicle environment.

  • Fingersafe edge profiling is standard for maximum safety and improved resistance to water ingress.

  • Door slats are edge sealed to further help prevent potential deterioration of the plywood through moisture absorption during service.

  • The slats are produced from the finest quality WBP plywood, which is of 11-ply construction using Birch for maximum strength.

  • External faces are white melamine laminated with a matt surface requiring no further finishing or painting to give a long-term weatherproof finish. The surface is however suitable for overpainting if a different colour is required.

  • Cables are manufactured from high quality stainless steel with 7 individual wound cables each of 19 interwoven strands. Accelerated wear test to equivalent 10 years.

  • Rollers are 2” diameter with 10 ball bearings either; all steel 70kg rated or for quieter running on bottom slats nylon 35kg. All acceleration wear tested to simulated 10 year service life expectancy.

  • High quality twin balancer springs on robust steel carrier shaft. All successfully accelerated wear tested to equivalent 5 years life (over 25,000 cycles)

  • Side seals are co-extruded dual hardness PVC tested to –35C. Robust design, accelerated wear tested, equivalent 10 years service life

  • EPDM Top Seal suitable down to –35C

  • Flexible quadruple-fin PVC bottom seal suitable down to –35C, encapsulated in robust section aluminium carrier/bottom slat capping.

  • Locks are powder coated cast steel, with heavy-duty central hook and TIR/lockable catch.

  • External rivets are Stainless Steel, centre hinges have blind fasteners to internal face only to ensure no corrosion prone components are exposed to the outer door face.

  • Hinges all receive e-coat surface treatment for high quality appearance and long term corrosion resistance. 10 year life expectancy tested.

  • Top slat fine closure setting possible for optimum weather seal and visual appearance with adjustable top roller carrier.

  • Supplied in flat-pack sub-assembly format to combine convenient storage and transportation with ease and speed of fitting. Lower and upper sub-assemblies are jointed using simple split-hinges.

  • Doors are UK produced to order with the quickest possible lead times to your specified frame dimensions using clear schematic-diagram based order specification form.

See our Downloads page for technical information and order/specification forms.

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