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Please provide a contact telephone number.
Please provide as much information as possible. What environment will the panel be installed in? (please mention if the panel is likely to be exposed to moisture or adverse temperatures). Is the panel structural / decorative? Will the panel support any load - if so what is this load and how will it be distributed across the panel (evenly or point load?). How will the panel be supported? - Does the panel need to achieve a specific U Value
What type of panel is required / what materials. If you are using an existing product please try to provide information / data sheets.
If you are unsure based on panel sizes - then please indicate an approximate figure.
Most panels are available in standard nominal sheet sizes of; 2440 x 1220mm, 3050 x 1220mm, 3660 x 1220mm, 4000 x 1220mm. We can produce wider than 1220mm - depending on the exact panel specification and the length of the panel. We can cut panels to size and we offer CNC cutouts/drilling/rebating services.
What date do you need these panels for. Some panels may be available from stock, but many will need to be made to order.
Telephone: 01759 322160